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ASUS Video Security and ASUS Digital VCR

ASUS Video Security appeared a pretty simple utility for video observation, which can also detect any movement within the view window. This software can also e-mail the necessary pictures to the preliminarily set electronic address.

Since we didn’t have any video-signal source and the VIVO chip on the graphics card, we couldn’t actually play with this software. However, I intuitively assume that this software is very unlikely to suit for serious use in security systems.

As for ASU Digital VCR, the name suggests that this is none other but a digital video recorder.

Note that this program can record a video stream only in DVD (MPEG-2) or VCD (MPEG-1) formats, while iuVCR can record this video stream in any format up to DivX, compressing it on the fly. However, ASUS Digital VCR looks very nice and can win the hearts of the large HDDs owners. Of course, this software is absolutely not necessary for the graphics card we are reviewing today.

ASUS GameFace: Live Communication in Games

I suppose that the most interesting program discovered on the disks is ASUS GameFace, intended to establish video communication in team games with multiple players, which will help the players to coordinate their actions much better. Unfortunately, this program didn’t get along well with the drivers of our video input device (Hauppauge WinTV), generating the “blue screen of death” every now and then. I didn’t manage to figure out what the matter was, I assume that this utility requires VIVO from the graphics card. Also I would like to stress that you have to install ASUS’ own drivers if you want to have the ASUS GameFace utility work correctly.

In general this program seems pretty handy, however, in my opinion, it will make sense only if you have a fast channel (starting from 256Kbit and up). I don’t think that model owners will manage to play and e-mail videos at an acceptable speed and with an acceptable latency.

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