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It is evident that the new professional ATI graphics solution based on the 90nm R520 GPU has lifted the performance level of the ATI’s professional family to a completely new level. However, despite this fact we cannot yet claim that ATI FireGL V7350 is the today’s fastest professional graphics solution. So far ATI FireGL V7350 is just a worthy competitor to Nvidia Quadro FX 4500, but not an indisputable leader. In some tasks Ati wins the race, in another tasks – Nvidia leads. So, if you are looking for a professional graphics solution, you should first of all determine the type of applications you will be working with, because the price of these two products is about the same at this time, so cannot be a crucial factor.

For example, our test session showed that ATI FireGL V7350 boasts high speed in 3ds max, this application is a definite trump of the newcomer from ATI. At the same time, the performance in Maya is not that great, and the results in AutoCAD also leave much to be desired. This can be partially explained by far not the best driver optimization. So, in some cases the performance of ATI FireGL V7350 can be significantly improved with the new driver updates. However, I wouldn’t really hope that new drivers can change things dramatically, especially since Nvidia is also working on new software and moreover, is going to launch a new next-generation professional Quadro graphics card fairly soon.

Summing up the results of our today’s test session I have to admit that the new professional FireGL graphics card from ATI didn’t manage to win a convincing victory over the old rival – Quadro FX 4500. From the features prospective, no superiority can be pronounced either. It basically means that there won’t be overwhelming demand for the new ATI FireGL V7350 solution. This solution will be of interest either for those users who work in professional applications where ATI FireGL V7350 shows the best results, or for those users who need 1GB of onboard graphics memory for work with large chunks of texturing data.

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