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AMD is about to roll out a new series of graphics processors and cards that will be referred to as Radeon HD 6. AMD is not expected to throw in the whole series at once and does not promise performance breakthroughs compared to the existing Radeon HD 5 series products, yet we guess it is just the right time for us to finally sum up the performance of the latter. Here’s why.

First, there will be no new Radeon HD 5 series cards due to obvious reasons. It means the series is now complete and covers the entire price range. Second, the Radeon HD 6 products will take some time to reach the market in mass quantities and will surely cost more than recommended in retail at first. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the marketability of Radeon HD 5 as this series is going to enjoy high demand for the time being, especially as we can expect their pricing to droop. And third, although every Radeon HD 5 series product has been tested in our labs, we did this at different times (usually at the time of their announcement), in different reviews, using different driver versions, etc. As a result, it is rather hard to compare the respective performance of each model in the series.

That's why we are going to carry out a comprehensive test of all gaming Radeon HD 5 series cards and compare their price/performance ratios. Again, we will only take gaming products because graphics cards models below Radeon HD 5750 1GB are no good for playing modern games even at low settings and resolutions. To be specific, we will benchmark all the graphics cards models from the Radeon HD 57xx, 58xx and 5970 series as well as some CrossFireX configurations which seem to be the most appealing in terms of price/performance ratio. Our test wouldn’t be possible without Hightech Information System Ltd. (HIS) that was kind to offer us a whole heap of graphics cards. We will tell you about them in the next section of our review.

 Radeon HD 5xxx Gaming Graphics Cards from HIS

Radeon HD 5xxx Series Specifications

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