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ASUS A7G: Overal Impression

We did not have much time to play with the laptop, even though overal impressions were just like those about desktop replacement portable computer: huge, fast, heavy, yet a bit more comfortable to work on because of large screen. High-definition audio system is definitely somethig cool for a notebook, just like a screen with special coating which is supposed to impove brigtness and contrast.

There are some drawbacks too. The panel, where you place your hands when typing, is made of pretty soft plastic, which is uncomfortable as it fluctates and makes additional creaky sounds. Another drawback is that spacebar is not as wide as touchpad, which makes it pretty uncomfortable to use in some cases (another way to say that is that the touchpad is too large). ASUS also provides a power supply adapter which should be plugged to the connector located on the side of the laptop. As a result, the cable will be bent in some cases, and it will evidently shorten its lifetime, especially given the fact that the cable is pretty thin.

There are also special multimedia keys located right under the touchpad, which should be functional even when the notebook is closed. While ASUS did its best to place those buttons so that they would not be pressed during ordinary working (typing) process, there is a chance to press them when using a touchpad.

On the other hand, those buttons help greatly to control multimedia content and probably they add more comfort than harm, so, overall, those are necessary.

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