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Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Plot and Gameplay

Single player part of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 offers a rather short campaign lasting 13 missions, some of which are in major part scripted cut scenes. The prologue takes us back into World War II, where a team of American commandos have to extract a Japanese scientist responsible for the "Aurora project", something claimed to be on par with the U.S. Atomic and Nazi V2 programs. The story then jumps back to an alternative XXI century timeline and continues in the company of the familiar faces from the first game. The "Bad Company" has to fight through a number of armies in jungles, mountains and a gigantic desert installation in South America. If there has ever been a weakness in the Battlefield series it has always been the plot part. The BF: BC2 is no exception. While some people will probably very much enjoy the storyline unveiling in this video game, we must say that after playing any of the Call of Duty titles, Bad Company 2 is going to seem somewhat empty in comparison.



When people talk about Battlefield games they tend to highlight Multiplayer mode and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is no difference. This is a game where headset is a must and team player cooperation is the key to victory. In the true traditions of the series, Swedish designers provided a wide range of vehicles and military equipment: a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, a quad bike, a patrol powerboat, an AA-gun, tanks, HMMWV, UAV helicopters, etc.



Multiplayer mode continues with the four man team and ability to enroll you either as an Assault, an Engineer, a Recon or a Medic. Each class has an initial primary weapon and a pair of gadgets unique to the class. As the experience points are gained, the player is allowed to unlock and use new weapons, gadgets and upgrades. As for the gameplay itself, the multiplayer mode allows to test your team strength in a series of challenges:

  • Rush - Players must defend or destroy M-COM stations.
  • Conquest - Players must capture and hold flags.
  • Squad Rush - A development of Rush mode with only two opposing squads and two M-COM stations which are expected to be destroyed or defended.
  • Squad Deathmatch - Four teams are pitted against each other with a goal to score fifty kills.
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