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As it happens, the most interesting battle is not always among heavy-weight champions. In a true Rocky Balboa style, an almost three-year-old design still packs a punch as GeForce GTS 250 manages to outperform not only its much younger brother - GeForce GT 240, but also peeps Radeon HD 5750 for the win. Although 30 fps may seem enough for a casual gamer, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 somehow does not feel right at such level of performance. It is quite hard to score a headshot and picking up assault helicopters with your RPG from the sky is a challenge, too. Just as with other products reviewed earlier today, we would definitely suggest lowering you graphics setting or you may have to face a few extra loading screens.

The latest addition to the Radeon family has a hard time coping with BF: BC2 rendering. Young Radeon HD 5670 is left behind by a much simpler GeForce GT 240 in the 1280x1024, but manages to get back some dignity by shortening the gap in 1680x1050 thanks to more efficient memory management.

We are sorry to say, but entry-level solutions from AMD and Nvidia are not a good choice for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gaming. Both Radeon HD 5570 and GeForce GT 220 do not have the horsepower to provide comfortable framerates with the highest quality settings even at 1280x1024. The game experience is basically a slide show at 17fps.

The game clearly has a thing for Nvidia hardware in the Mainstream lineup, which is the one we recommend going for if you are on a limited budget. But please remember that disabling FSAA and lowering your level of detail is a must for the least expensive solutions.

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