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Plot and Gameplay

The game starts when the main character finds himself in a chair in some strange facility with a lot of needles, drugs, monitors and questions.  From here you are pushed to remember and relive some events that may have potentially changed the course of history.

Actually the story begins in 1961 on Cuba, in a bar. From there you need to make your way to a top secret black op mission. There is no time to take a break and get used to the controls. As soon as you are capable of controling the protagonist, you need to shoot a trooper and drive a sedan automatic (hardly a black ops vehicle of choice, don’t you think?) through a military-infested city. The whole single player campaign is divided into chapters, each dedicated to a particular time and aimed at finally finding out why you were in a torcher chair and where Dragovich was.



The overall feel to the game remains the same as in previous installations and fans of Splinter Cell series should not expect any rivalry from the Treyarch developed black ops video game as there are almost no stealth elements to the game despite the name. The gameplay is as scripted as before, but since you care only about story-telling, you don’t become frustrated with the train tracks laid in front of you. What frustrates you is the lack of plot-related information flow. Long before the end you begin to treat every chapter as a single standalone mission and when the ending is near, you may find it necessary to re-read or re-play the game, as some major story-related elements may have already faded out from your memory by then.



If single player mode is not of particular interest to you in an FPS game or you have already cleared it on an impossibly difficult Veteran setting, there is a real treat for you bestowed by Treyarch. We are not talking about the multiplayer, which is not that fresh anymore. The next worthy thing that will carry you away for several weekends is the Co-op gameplay.



“ZOMBIES RETURN!” as the official web-site announces, it is time to free the world from the Nazi undead. According to the developer, this is the ultimate favorite co-op mode made famous in Call of Duty: World at War. The task is simple: you are in a fortified location, there are some weapons and you have some points to buy a gun. Every so often a group of zombies assaults your position and you need to kill 'em all, thus earning more points and opening up new locations, with more zombies. Sounds simple, but it is just an enormous amount of fun for you and three of your friends.

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