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Truth be told, if not for a somewhat unusual plot for an FPS title, we don’t think that this game deserves the credit it is getting. The whole series is in desperate need of a major refresh, not just a facelift. Even the best TV shows have to go and it is definitely the case with Call of Duty.

The game lacks in every aspect worth mentioning. There are no new visual technologies, no tessellation, no complex physics, no compute shaders. It would have been OK, but even textures can be considered slightly low-quality, thanks to console-related restrictions.

While the whole story seems solid enough, it still lacks overall blockbuster feel. Level designers don’t let you wander around even for a brief moment and level exploring should be left to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam rival. Speaking of levels, they are on par with famous Doom 3 corridors: sidestepping is almost impossible.

But in this review we are not looking at the game, but rather at its hardware thirst and here CoD has displayed a relatively moderate appetite. Even the most basic hardware is more than capable of running this DirectX 9 API title.

The premium market is populated with recently launched Radeon and GeForce graphics cards. It is really hard to make any recommendations as every single participant is capable of insuring comfortable gaming experience. If there is you are planning an upgrade for the new CoD: BO, you might want to consider saving a bit of money and look at performance-mainstream solutions.

Mainstream solutions look more than respectable. Even products around the $100 price point seem to cope well with the lowest resolution settings. So, since you can always disable FSAA, it is highly unlikely that your gaming rig won’t be able to run Call of Duty: Black Ops game.


Pick your hardware wisely and enjoy the game, just don’t forget to set your alarm clock for the Zombie infestation co-op cleanup as time really does have a tendency to fly in this mode. :)

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