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Lost Planet: Colonies

We did see the performance improvement in the only game where they actually promised it. It didn’t reach the anticipated 20%, however, in 1280x1024 it hit a pretty good mark of 11% for the dual-GPU card and 8% for the single-GPU one. In 1680x1050 the boost lowered to 8.3% and 7.7% respectively. In 1920x1200 Radeon HD 4870 X2 sped up by the good 14%, while Radeon HD 4870 – only by 2.2%. And in the highest 2560x1600 resolution only the X2 model benefited from the new driver version, while its single-processor counterpart didn’t demonstrate any serious performance increase.

Not bad, although it is evident that ATI driver developers focus mostly on improving the performance of the multi-GPU solutions. Nevertheless, the owners of regular single-GPU ATI Radeon HD solutions will not be forgotten either. I would also like to say that systems equipped with less powerful CPUs may demonstrate an even greater performance improvement reaching the 20-50% ATI have promised us.

World in Conflict

World in Conflict also wasn’t mentioned in the Catalyst 9.3 driver release notes, so there is no evident performance increase there. Just like in all the previous cases, we didn’t detect any performance drops or image quality worsening.

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