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Gaming Performance


Since they promised no performance improvements in this game with the new Catalyst version, it is only logical that there is no noticeable performance improvement. Slight performance fluctuations can be written off as a measuring error.

Company of Heroes

As we have already pointed out before, disabling “vsync” option in Company of Heroes results in game instability that is why we decided not to do it. So, maximum performance in this game depends on the screen refresh rate, which is 60fps in our case.

Despite the promised 10% performance improvement for Radeon HD 4800 graphics card family, we didn’t see anything like that even in 2560x1600 resolution. Nevertheless, the improvement from Catalyst 9.6 was present with less powerful graphics accelerators: the minimal performance of Radeon HD 4770 did increase in lower resolutions.

We didn’t run the tests for Radeon HD 4600 graphics card family that is why we can’t confirm or deny ATI’s claims of increased average performance of these graphics cards by as much as 25%. The performance level may still be not high enough even with the promised improvement, because Radeon HD 4670, not to mention Radeon HD 4650, is not such a good gaming solution after all, et least when we are talking about contemporary gaming titles.

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