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Club3D Company, which is one of the biggest partners of the Canadian ATI Technologies in the European market, gave us an opportunity to take a closer look at one of the fastest PC graphics accelerators: Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO graphics card. In fact, Club3D is the trademark of the Colour Power BV Company, which has been in the European market since 1997, when no one had even imagined the shaders and high-frequency graphics processors with the die more complex than the one of Athlon or Pentium 4. According to Club3D representatives, the main reason for this trademark to come into life was their desire to establish serious long-term partnership with the customers by creating a name, the buyers could really trust.

Since almost nobody from the European or American companies actually have their own production lines, then the major task for those of them who are selling the goods under their own trademark is creating the most successful price-to-performance ratio for their products. Also they have to ensure proper warranty services and technical support. Today we are going to tell you for sure if Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO is really the best European card we have ever tested. Please, meet: Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO!

Closer Look

Of course, when you take any graphics card in your hands the first thing that you pay attention to and that matters a lot for your final purchase decision is the way it looks. In other words, it is the box. That is why no wonder that all the manufacturers try to compete with one another to prove that their product looks more attractive. And what do we see in our case? Here you are:

As for me, I got the impression that this is the product belonging to the top class, the so-called High-End. The box of this graphics card looks very European and reminds of some purely aristocratic traditions. For instance, you will never see any tasteless stickers with colorful promises of super-power and crystal clear volumetric sound on the High-End speakers. The same here: you will not see any catching promises of “world’s best 3D” of the like. The box is designed in black-and-red colors and makes a really good impression. The background color is matt and the letters are glossy, that is why they are very vivid and will not remain unnoticed. The box has no pictures of the existing or ancient civilizations, no heroes and no monsters. Only the first letter of the Club3D brand name is decorated with a red circle and a club ace and on the left there is a nice anime-girl standing for a joker. The cards could push you to think about the military aces of the first and second World Wars, which usually decorated their airplanes with pictures of card aces. The picture of an ace indicated high professional skills of the pilot, which scared many common pilots a lot. Can we expect the product from Club3D to be a professional and powerful? Let’s figure it out.

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