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Having tested the NVIDIA’s solution with 44.90 drivers, we discovered that the results dropped more than twice. Well, and did you expect anything different? This benchmark is very rich in shaders and boasts very complex geometry. No wonder that more technologically advanced Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO wins here.


Our aristocratic guest, Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO graphics accelerator, made a very favorable impression, due to beautiful box and rich accessories set. The performance of this solution also appeared very high, and the technology behind R350 chip from ATI proved that this solution will suit for gaming experience not only with the today’s games, but also with the games of tomorrow, which will be rich in shader effects and complex geometry. We were also very pleased with the 2D image quality and good overclocking potential of this solution. However, I wouldn’t recommend to use this product for extreme overclocking experiments, because the memory chips have no heatsinks and the chip cooler is not powerful enough to ensure safe overclocking. If you replace the nominal cooling system with something more efficient, then you will be able to squeeze a little more out of this product, for sure.

Summing up, I can conclude with all certainty that Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO is a real aristocrat of the graphics cards world.

Those who decide on this graphics accelerator will have no caused for concern about performance for a long time, no doubt.

Club3D RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB also has an elder brother equipped with twice as much DDR-II memory. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to test it, so we couldn’t compare their performance. To tell the truth I am very curious to find out what advantages the DDR-II memory can offer the today’s graphics accelerator, and how will 256MB of memory affect the performance in heavy applications.


  • High performance;
  • High mounting quality;
  • Very good 2D quality;
  • Rich accessories set;
  • Good overclocking potential;
  • Compact PCB;
  • Low noise level;
  • Beautiful package.


  • Relatively inefficient cooling solution, unsuitable for successful overclocking;
  • High working temperatures.
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