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Call of Duty: World at War Plot

The fifth game of the series was again developed by Treyarch which decided to return to the WW2 theme. As we said above, this is a widespread subject in video games, but fortunately, it was such an immense event that you can always find some unexplored aspect of it. This time the developer chose the Pacific campaign and the battle for Berlin.


The game begins with US marines raiding Makin Island. In the real history this raid had many objectives including the destruction of the defensive infrastructure, capturing prisoners, obtaining intelligence data, and drawing the Japanese Forces away from the Allied landings on Guadalcanal and Tulagi. The player sees the world with the eyes of Private Miller who’s watching a Japanese officer killing a prisoner and preparing to meet his own fate. Fortunately, he is rescued by a crew headed by Sergeant Sullivan. Miller joins with them and the game begins.


Throughout the first mission you will clean an island from the defending Japanese, blow up an ammo warehouse and evacuate a wounded fellow. The next mission takes place two years later, depicting the landing on Peleliu which was almost as action-heavy as the famous D-Day. You surely won’t get bored.




The first mission of the Soviet campaign begins on September 17, 1942, describing the battle of Stalingrad.

The beginning is somewhat macabre even: the wounded Private Dimitri Petrenko comes to, finding himself among the bodies of his fellow soldiers and watching the Nazis executing the rest of his troop. Fortunately, he is unnoticed by the enemies.



Soon you find out that Petrenko is not the only survivor. You meet Sergeant Reznov who is bent on killing Nazi General Amsel, the man responsible for the killing in Stalingrad. You will run away from flame-throwers, take part in an attack on a German signal office, and finally hunt down the General.



Like the American campaign, the next Soviet mission takes part a couple of years after the first one. The game is not unlike a TV series because the Soviet and American missions intertwine. Well, you’ll find all that by yourself as you will be playing the game as a flame-thrower operator and a driver of a T-34 and in many other roles.


And finally you will end up planting the red flag above the Reichstag.

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