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Image Quality Tests

We used the following settings for the image quality tests:

As our previous tests have shown, today’s graphics cards can hardly cope with Crysis 2 in DirectX 11 mode. You are almost sure to compromise in terms of graphics quality settings. Let’s see what you lose if you step down the quality of the visuals.


Well, the new Ultra quality mode is spectacular. Cinematic would be the correct word to describe Crysis 2 running in its DirectX 11 rendering mode.

The system with the AMD-based card is more CPU-dependent than the same system with the Nvidia-based card. The faster processor helps increase the average frame rate of the Radeon HD 6950 by 7% whereas the GeForce GTX 560 Ti is indifferent as regards the CPU.


With the Extreme settings turned on, the rendering of the walls and stationary objects becomes considerably different. You can surely note how shadows and textures have changed compared to the Ultra mode. On the other hand, by switching from the Ultra to Extreme mode you can boost the frame rate by 50-70%. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to do so, especially as the main purpose of the Ultra Upgrade is in showcasing the capabilities of CryEngine 3 that are only visible at the Ultra settings.

With the graphics quality settings relaxed, the importance of a faster CPU lowers. It is the graphics card that becomes the bottleneck.


If you like the way Crysis 2 looks in the Extreme mode, you may also want to try the Very High settings. As you can see, the difference isn’t huge. We can note the different way of rendering the vegetation and the simpler shadows. Post-processing effects become inconspicuous but this gives you an extra 50% boost to the frame rate, making the game run at 60 fps and faster on mainstream graphics cards.

The CPU doesn’t influence the frame rate much.


The Crysis 2 developers should be given credit for making the game look rather pretty even at the High settings whereas the average frame rate grows by an additional 30%. With fewer shadows and almost no special effects, the game still looks good, so the High settings are a possible compromise for users who don’t have a fast graphics card.

The game doesn’t depend on the CPU at the High settings.

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