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Now we can say that Electronic Arts have really done a good job. The DirectX 11 version of the Crysis 2 engine is a new milestone in game development. Just like the synthetic benchmark 3DMark11, EA’s game is an excruciatingly hard test for your graphics card and can stress every single unit of a modern GPU. At last, the game can be said to be worthy of its famous predecessor in terms of 3D graphics technologies.

The first version of the game was released a few months ago, so you may have already saved the world from the aliens and know how exciting the game is, so we will talk about graphics hardware rather than the gameplay here.

It is impossible to name a graphics card which is best for playing Crysis 2. Even the expensive dual-chip GeForce GTX 590, the best card in our tests, is unable to run it at a comfortable speed if you choose the highest graphics quality settings at a high resolution.

Unfortunately, none of the affordable graphics cards can get even close to the 60fps mark, but you can always switch off some of the special effects to get a playable speed. So if you don’t want to upgrade your computer for the sake of playing this game, the popular GeForce GTX 560 Ti or Radeon HD 6950 are going to be quite good. We must acknowledge, however, that Nvidia-based solutions are overall superior in Crysis 2.

So, is the Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade worth the long wait? Yes, of course! You will be fascinated by the beautiful visuals, yet also disappointed with the weakness of your computer’s graphics subsystem. It seems that we will only be able to appreciate all the capabilities of the Crysis 2 engine after AMD and Nvidia release their new products in the next few months.

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