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A Crysis from Far Far Away

Some may think that Crysis is a relatively new project, only to step in its second generation, but in reality just like Doom and Half Life video games before it, it can already be considered the grand daddy of the FPS genre. The first product from the German based Crytek Studios arrived back in March of 2004 with big ambitions but not a lot of advertising.


The Far Cry first-person shooter video game came from nowhere when no one was expecting new players in the FPS playground. The game had taken both hardcore as well as casual gamers’ hearts by storm. Followed by a number of console ports and even a movie, and with over 3 million copies sold since its release the question of its grand-daddy status is not to be discussed. It is carved in stone, don't you agree?


 The Far Cry game engine, originally developed as a tech demo for Nvidia, was also a quiet revolution for its time. Game designers only started to exploit the idea of big outdoor scenery and seamless indoor-outdoor locations. As it turned out, CryENGINE was already capable of doing just that. The engine core code itself proved quite robust as it was capable of dealing with Xbox, PS2 and GameCube-like console hardware as well as the latest advancements in standalone graphics cards market with full DirectX 8/9c API support.

View distance of up to 2 km, innovative physics models, complex shaders, large open areas, HDR lighting, advanced AI algorithms - even by today's standards the list of features is still quite formidable. As all good things in this world, the engine itself as well as the games based on it aged with the time and a replacement was due three years later.

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