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Crysis Unveiled

A lot has changed since the victorious march of Far Cry game across the globe. Ubisoft took its own approach to the release of the future Far Cry 2 branded products, while Crytek signed a partnership agreement with Electronics Arts and started working on a “brand new title made by the old team”. The result still serves as a benchmark of the gaming industry in every aspect: innovations across the board, storytelling, plot and last, but by far not the least - game engine graphics capabilities.


Developed by the same Crytek Frankfurt, Germany, and published by Electronic Arts in late 2007 it managed to completely decimate hopes and dreams of gamers across the globe as it presented unmatched demands towards computer hardware. To be fair we have to say that in-game jungle was probably the closest thing to the “Lost” series scenery you have ever seen, and so far there hasn’t been anything more realistic out there.

Crysis was the first game to be released from the announced trilogy of a science fiction first-person shooter franchise. A spin-off game, Crysis Warhead, was released on September 12, 2008, and depicts similar events as the original Crysis but from a different character perspective. In order to survive the game, you need to adapt. 


 The Crysis game story happens in the near future, when a conflict between US supervised black ops, North Korean armed forces and extraterrestrial Aliens unravels on a remote fictional island near the coast of the Philippines. The main story-line of the single-player campaign is wrapped around an operative with the US Delta Force squad. The super solder abilities come from the cutting-edge Nano Suit, inspired by a real-life military concept, and this unique technology becomes the basis for the entire game play.

The second generation CryENGINE 2 game engine for Crysis games got a substantial upgrade thanks to a genuine DirectX 10 API support. It may have been four years since its launch, but even today it is still quite an impressive piece of computer graphics scenery, which often looks good enough to be used for a modestly budgeted Hollywood movie production. Despite this fact, a brand new game has been released, and the story and scenery aren't necessarily the only major things that have changed.

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