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Crysis 2: The Game

The doomsday scenario starts on sunny New York City streets in a not so distant year 2033. An Alien invasion or some sort of an advanced virus is on the loose in downtown Manhattan and only the protagonist is capable of stopping this invasion/disease spread. You may expect to have squad support on your side, but unfortunately, you are on your own. The only help you can get is from the military R&D department. Thanks to the latest advancements in nano-technology and micro computing as well as composite material manufacturing you have your very own Nanosuit 2.0. 



Since you are the only one in a fancy suite, you are going to have an edge over endless opponents, or as Electronic Arts puts it:

  • BE STRONG – Take on multiple enemies with Armor mode, mince them with heavy weapons or squash them by kicking cars.
  • BE FAST – Get to the action quickly, then powerjump, ledgegrab and slide round the environment with amazing agility.
  • BE INVISIBLE – Use Stealth mode to set traps or hit and run your enemies, or snipe from a concealed position.
  • BE THE WEAPON – With the Nanosuit, you choose how you want to play.



These pictures cannot really show the atmosphere that the game unleashes on you. Many expressed their opinion that the major appeal of the Far Cry and original Crysis video games was Philippines tropical jungle scenery. It is rather pleasing to see that concrete jungle of The Big Apple is a good match for the tropical dream resort. Some may like it, others may prefer previous sets but it is definitely going to be a memorable experience for everyone.

For those already familiar with the Nanosuite warfare for the previous games, we are glad to report that overall experience has been polished and updated. Treat it as a newest firmware release for your Google Android smartphone. It is the same OS just that bit faster and better than the previous one. Once again you are expected to constantly switch between different modes in order to prevail on the battlefield and overcome obstacles. Back are the upgrades and weapon customization and if you let your nanoskin feast on a DNA sample or two you might get a substantial bonus in return.



 All in all the game is a solid performer with impressive graphics scenery that is going to take some time equaling. The plot is also on a level, although do not expect something revolutionary in its respect. Treat Crysis 2 video game as a well-known brand of champagne. You don't really want its taste to be revolutionary but you do want it to make you smile, and Electronic Arts' latest creation does just that.

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