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There are two companies dominating the graphics card realm today. Both are working incessantly to make their products even better, yet it would be hard to convince even the most loyal fans to buy new-generation Radeon or GeForce series cards without a sound reason. There must be a reason for users to want even faster hardware, and they get that stimulus in the way of new video games which feature better visuals which require more advanced graphics hardware to be rendered.

While the GPU market is limited to two brands only, there are much more developers and genres when it comes to video games. You can choose any kind of entertainment from real-time or turn-based strategies to various simulators, quests and adventures, puzzles and many others. Some titles are even hard to classify under one genre only.

Developing and promoting video games has long ceased to be the work of a few enthusiasts with some programming skills and original gameplay ideas. Modern video games can often boast budgets comparable to those of Hollywood blockbusters. With so much money invested, there are high risks if the game doesn’t prove to be a success. Therefore the GPU developers take on some of the risks, thereby pursuing their own goals. AMD with its Gaming Evolved and Nvidia with its The Way It's Meant to Be Played program encourage game developers to introduce newest technologies into their titles. Deus Ex: Human Revolution we are going to cover in this review represents AMD’s Gaming Evolved.

Deus Ex

The first game of the Deus series was released back in 2000. There was not much promotional fanfare then as if the developers were not really sure they had come up with a right product, but eventually Deus Ex acquired a cult following in the gaming world. People would split up into two categories: those who were highly enthusiastic about it and those who never played it.


The cyberpunk story of the first Deus Ex developed by Ion Storm was set in the middle of the 21st century. People have found themselves in a social and economic crisis by then. Governments have got weak and come under the influence of international corporations. The problems of famine, poverty and increasing terrorist activity have been exacerbated by an epidemic of an incurable disease. The single hope against the Gray Death is the Ambrosia vaccine which is distributed only among those who are loyal to the ruling powers. Your goal in the game is to survive in the chaotic circumstances and untangle the numerous conspiracies which are even more complicated than those of The Da Vinci Code.


Odd as it may seem, a lot of people have never even heard of that game although it wasn’t really targeted at a small group of enthusiasts of the genre. As a matter of fact, Deus Ex had a lot of original solutions that would become popular afterwards. It was just kind of ahead of its time. The alternative walkthroughs in Crysis 2 were already available in Deus Ex as long as 10 years ago. If you are fond of the stealthy infiltration of enemy bases from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, you would also like the same in Deus Ex. And even if you want a Hollywood-style scenario with worries about the fate of humankind, something like Mass Effect, you can find it in the 10-year-old Deus Ex, too!

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