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Deus Ex: Invisible War

The 2003 sequel owes its release to the commercial success of the original game. Ion Storm was always focused on design, so the Unreal Engine of the first game was replaced with the Flesh Engine, a considerably revised version of the then-best Unreal Engine 2. This transition made the fans of the series hurry to upgrade their computers with new graphics cards that could support the DirectX 9 API. The new visual capabilities helped create a memorable world with an inimitable atmosphere, just like in the original Deus Ex.


Deus Ex: Invisible War takes a start 20 years after the events of the first game. The social and economic corruption has reached its peak, and most of the economic entities have become something like the city states of Ancient Greece. The plot has a whole layer of conspiracy theories, puzzles and secrets for the player to untangle. The key feature of Deus Ex has also been preserved in the way that the player’s actions and decisions directly affect the outcome of the game and the victory of a particular faction in the global war for supremacy. The artificial enhancement of the protagonist’s body with implants, which has replaced the nano augmentations from the original Deus Ex, is still important for beating the game.


The second part of the cyberpunk adventure features improved visuals that called for a top-end computer. The more straightforward plot meant a quicker walkthrough compared to the original game, so some gamers felt disappointed on seeing the closing credits. This ambiguity may have played a part in the financial collapse of Ion Storm which ceased to exist in 2005, leaving the future of the Deus Ex series under question. But two years later, Eidos Interactive, the owner of the franchise rights, announced its plans on developing a third game set in the Deus Ex universe.

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