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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

We have already got used to long production cycles when it comes to modern video games. Four years passed since the announcement till the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Eidos Interactive, which had bought out the developer Square Enix, didn’t really promise to make everything quickly, so the completion of the project had to be postponed a little. The game itself has certainly benefited from being a long time in developing. It is now something its developers can be proud of and players admire.



The game runs on a modified Crystal engine that has been used in such games as Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld. Both used to look quite spectacular in their own time, but there were doubts about the engine's ability to run a modern project. Fortunately, the apprehensions didn't come true. Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks splendid and is as atmospheric as the two previous titles in the series.



The third Deus Ex takes place a quarter of a century before the first game. So, you find yourself in 2027 as a security chief at Sarif Industries, one of the world’s largest corporations. You are responsible for guarding the company's interests and performing your boss's orders. At first you feel like an errand boy for nontrivial and secret tasks. The developer suggests that there are four ways to beat the game:

  • Combat. You can add a few mechanical implants to transform the protagonist into a fighter who doesn't have to hide in shadows or vent shafts.
  • Stealth. You can develop the protagonist in such a way as to become virtually invisible and inaudible to your enemies.
  • Hacking. The game world is strewn with electronic locks and computers you can get through if you focus on enhancing your hacking skills.
  • Exploration. This ways involves doing amazing jumps and finding inconspicuous paths in the style of Mirror Edge. Your character requires mechanical enhancements to manipulate heavy objects or survive a jump from a tall building.

Thus, the gameplay is equally good for fans of “kill ‘em all” shooters and for those who enjoy classic stealth adventures. The problem with the first way is that your character can be killed just too easily at the beginning of the game. The second way may be difficult when you encounter bosses as you have to deal with them face to face without the option of stabbing in the back from a shadow.

You will also have some difficulties if you want to explore 100% of the plot. It takes about 20-30 hours to beat the game at the medium level of difficulty, but the developers mentioned something like 4 days of continuous playing needed to explore everything.



Like in the first two games of the series, there is a lot of additional in-game information about the world like newsreels or personal correspondence. There are some Easter eggs, too. For example, you can come across a discussion of a movie which resembles scenes from Robocop (1987). Square Enix’s very own Final Fantasy is referenced, too. You can see Final Fantasy XXVII posters in some locations whereas Shanghai looks like Midgar, the main city from Final Fantasy VII.



We won’t discuss the plot of the game here as it's impossible without spoilers, but we can tell you that it's a real Deus Ex with secrets, conspiracies, intrigues and alternative finales that depend on your actions throughout the game. Its gameplay is definitely worth buying but what about its visuals and system requirements?

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