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Eye-Candy Features in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

AMD has been one of the most active promoters of the DirectX 11 API among end-users and game developers alike. This year is the most productive in terms of new games with full DirectX 11 support. Just a couple of months after the release of the latest version of the racing sim DiRT 3, AMD with Square Enix unveil the next such game under the AMD Gaming Evolved program.

DirectX 9

DirectX 11

The game designers had to work with a modified version of a 6-year-old rendering engine, but it supports DirectX 11 well enough. The first difference of DirectX 11 rendering from DirectX 9 one is the availability of high-quality antialiasing (MLAA) which has almost no effect on performance. The DirectX 11 version also offers such features as tessellation, soft shadows and an improved depth of field algorithm.

Tesselation Off

Tesselation On

Tessellation is a hot topic now, despite the criticism which gets harsher after the contradicting claims of the two GPU developers. This doesn’t prevent it from being implemented in today’s games. Deus Ex: Human Revolution uses tessellation to make the character models look better. The smoother features of a face help render facial expressions and emotions better. The game being a multiplatform project, tessellation also helped the developer avoid redrawing the character models for the PC version.

Post-Processing Off

Post-Processing On

Many modern games make use of post-processing effects to improve the visuals in some way or another. Sometimes the resulting image doesn’t even look attractive when the developer applies too much blur or old-film effects or something like that. Fortunately, the designers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution used this feature sparingly, endowing the third part of Deus Ex with original and unmistakable visuals.  You can tell it is Human Revolution even if you were to take a look at a small fragment of the city map or office scene.

The special effects and cutting-edge rendering technologies helped create a unique atmosphere of the game notwithstanding the aged graphics engine. But we all know just too well that visual luxuries call for high processing power on the part of your computer’s graphics subsystem. Let’s see how today’s graphics cards can handle Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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