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Released back in 2000, the original Deus Ex is still worthy of your attention if you haven’t played it yet, even though it’s based on the old Unreal Engine. And we are very pleased to see its charm and traditions rejuvenated in the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The latter is a top-class product that brings new ideas into the cyberpunk genre.

Today’s graphics cards have proved to be up to the task. Whatever product you can take, there are solutions worthy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from both AMD and Nvidia. The dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990 and GeForce GTX 590 even look too powerful for this game unless you play it at 2560x1600. We guess the optimal choice would be the Radeon HD 6970 or GeForce GTX 580. They allow playing it comfortably at any resolution but cost less and require less power than the dual-chip monsters.

The more affordable cards from the performance-mainstream segment are also perfect for enjoying Human Revolution. The GeForce GTX 570 is the leader in this price category, even though by a small margin. The GeForce GTX 560 Ti is good, too. If you prefer AMD products, the Radeon HD 6950 and HD 6870 will satisfy you, too.

The entry-level products aren’t that good. The game is too sluggish on the Radeon HD 6770 and GeForce GTX 550 Ti at high graphics quality settings.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has already sold in millions of copies worldwide, so the original Deus Ex has got the spotlight as well. Moreover, Square Enix have already announced upcoming DLC packs which should keep the public interested for a long time. Hopefully, the publisher will keep the quality bar as high as it already is. We are sure there are a lot of stories to be told and secrets to be uncovered in the Deus Ex universe.

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