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So, Doom 3 may offer an image of a varying quality, but we have a few tricky points here.

First, the Ultra High Quality mode is about 100% the same as High Quality visually, but the performance does not go down in it, despite all the warnings from id Software. That’s why we can recommend this maximum quality mode for all high-end graphics cards with 256MB of graphics memory. Then, you can also try to launch the game in this mode on a card with 128MB of memory, but refrain from enabling FSAA, which usually results in a catastrophic performance hit.

The second point is that the Medium Quality mode leads to considerable image quality deterioration, but the performance remains practically the same as in the High Quality mode. Graphics cards with at least 128MB of graphics memory (a majority of cards nowadays) should be able to run the High Quality mode – you do not have to deprive yourself of a high-quality picture in Doom 3. Of course, we are talking about performance-mainstream and mainstream graphics cards like GeForce FX 5900 XT/5700 Ultra or RADEON 9800 PRO/9600 XT, but not about those strange hybrids like RADEON 9200 256MB that you can occasionally run into in shops.

The things we said in our first Doom 3 report are still true as concerns the standings of the two GPU camps. Doom 3 prefers graphics cards based on GPUs from NVIDIA, and their advantage is more or less perceptible in every class, from high-end to mainstream.

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