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The only time they really mean it: PEGI 18+

First off, we will not exercise in irony concerning the very long time it took Duke Nukem Forever to be made. After all, no less than three generations of gamers have ironized on this topic starting from the end of the last century. The only project that might be compared to Duke Nukem Forever in this respect is the legendary S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which, despite the numerous delays and postponements, managed to make it to shop shelves and win users’ hearts. So, what about Duke Nukem?


Well, the king is back. Everything we liked so much about the 1996 version is here and now once again. The new version has got a vigorous plot with loads of black humor, appropriate sarcasm, below-the-belt jokes and a lot of unconventional ways to kick those impudent aliens' ass.


A Wild West sheriff using an arsenal of mega-weapons to fight invaders from space was a spectacular fantasy that enjoyed a cult following in the end of the last century. But what has Duke got in store for us today? The aliens are defeated, Los Angeles is saved (although partially destroyed), and Duke is a recognized hero and favorite of the public. Where do we go next?

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