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Duke Nukem Forever

If you’ve been expecting any changes, that’s not your game. Duke is back, and he’s the same age and image with his red T-shirt, sunglasses, flat-top haircut, and a pair of kickass boots.



In the process of the game you will fight a horde of aliens that are bent on taking the Las Vegas gambling business, and Duke is the only hero who can save the world, without much political correctness and humanism. Unfortunately for the aliens, they had chosen a wrong city. And, besides taking away all cute girls, they also infringed on the holy of holies, Duke’s favorite beer. That’s not something that can be easily forgiven.



The gameplay is full of fun and Serious Sam-like humor and each level is filled with various puzzles and interactive objects, like in the Portal or Half-Life series. You can play billiards, use gambling machines or taste some other traditional Las Vegas entertainment.

If you can still recall the old Duke, you will be glad to see some old tricks here. If not, you will surely like all those magnifiers and freezers but the main trick is of course trampling the enemy down with Duke’s boots. And just in case, there are always a couple of rockets in Duke’s pockets.

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