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Graphics Quality Tests

We used the following settings for this test:


Despite its respectable age, the game engine generates high load for the GPU. However, you won't be captivated with spectacular visuals even if you enable the highest settings possible.


The situation resembles the 1996 version of the game which used to be inferior to other titles in visuals, but offered other advantages instead. Duke Nukem Forever seems to have not been meant to be an eye-candy, either.

Take note that the speed of the CPU does not affect the frame rate much.


The visuals get better with enabled FSAA, and we can see the differences between the antialiasing algorithms well enough. Thanks to the smaller area of application the FSAA mode provides a speed boost of 10-15%. On the other hand, we must admit that the game engine is not always good at choosing the part of the 3D scene to be left intact.

Again there is no need for a fast CPU.


The overall image quality doesn’t change much after we switch to lower-quality textures and shadows. Textures are rather lacking in quality irrespective of the setting. There is almost no difference between the ultra and high texture mode. Lowering the quality of shadows is more conspicuous as some objects lose their shadows right away. The lack of FSAA shows up in the weapons and Duke’s hands.

Here, the CPU seems to have a higher effect on the frame rate. The game runs 3 to 8% faster on the faster CPU.


Considering the high frame rate in this mode, we guess that few people will want to play at the Medium settings. The differences in image quality are negligible and can hardly be spotted with a naked eye. The most conspicuous of them are the lack of shadows from NPCs and the protagonist. You can easily do without them, so the Medium settings are going to help you improve the frame rate by 10-25%. You can also get some more speed by overclocking your CPU.


This seems to be the only game mode which differs dramatically from others. The visuals are far from appealing here. However, you may try to play it, especially if you don’t care about post effects, motion blur, filmgrain, etc. The CPU doesn’t affect the frame rate in this case.

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