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Cooling System

The cooling system installed on the N8800GT-512MX DT should be familiar to our readers as it is nothing else by the Accelero S2 cooler we saw installed on the PowerColor X1950 Pro SCS3.

The second revision of the cooler is only different from the first one with the improved fastening mechanism that enhances the cooler’s compatibility with modern graphics cards. Otherwise, it is the same simple design consisting of a copper base with four heat pipes carrying 32 aluminum plates that make up a heatsink with a dissipation area of over 2500 sq. centimeters. The heatsink measures 140x215mm and protrudes far beyond the PCB’s dimensions. As a result, the N8800GT-512MX DT may not be installed in many compact system cases.

The cooler’s base is fastened to the PCB with four screws. Although it weighs a mere 360 grams with the Turbo Module, you still should be careful while handling the card. High-quality thermal grease (Arctic Cooling MX-2) is used as the thermal interface between the GPU die and the cooler’s sole. The memory chips and the load-bearing elements of the power circuit are cooled with individual aluminum heatsinks.

The Accelero S1 heatsink easily copes with a thermal load of 60-65W, but the GeForce 8800 GT 512MB generates more heat even when working at the reference GPU and memory frequencies. The N8800GT-512MX DT produces even more heat due to the increased clock rates, so the developer included the so-called Turbo Module into the box. It consists of two caseless fans with 80mm impellers.

The fans are installed above the cooler’s heatsink and hitched to the ends of the ribs with plastic locks. They have a common power cable that ends in a standard 3-pin connector for plugging into the mainboard but you may find the cable too short to reach to it. In this case you can use the included adapter to connect the Turbo Module to an ordinary Molex. The fans run on slide bearings at a speed of 1500rpm and should be quite noiseless. Their performance is as high as 45CFM, however. The Turbo Module should indeed improve the performance of the Accelero S1/S2 greatly.

The Turbo Module has one drawback. Although the height of the fans is only 15 millimeters, it is enough to block one more slot. The fully assembled cooler thus occupies three slots, which may be a problem for some users especially those who have microATX system cases.

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