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The new EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked graphics card left twofold impression. On the one hand, this solution demonstrated high performance and low level of power consumption, but on the other hand it turned out to be quite noisy and didn’t have too many accessories with it.

In fact, e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked is none other but a GeForce 7900 GT overclocked by the manufacturer, so its boasts all the advantages and drawbacks of the G71 based graphics solutions. Namely, it performs great in OpenGL applications as well as in tasks requiring high fillrate.

The performance of the EVGA solution is much higher than that of a reference GeForce 7900 GT and in some cases it is even as fast as a more expensive GeForce 7900 GTX, which definitely makes e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked a very attractive purchase. However, I have to stress that e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked features half as much memory as Nvidia’s flagship product that may affect the results in some games sensitive to the amount of onboard graphics memory, such as Serious Sam 2, for instance.

By purchasing a new e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked from EVGA you also get enrolled into EVGA Step-Up program that will help you reduce the investments into the upcoming PC upgrades. Another great feature is a lifetime warranty that comes with this product and that becomes void only if the card gets physically damaged. This certainly scores a few extra points in EVGA’s favor.

However, nothing is ideal in this world, and EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked also has a few drawbacks. The biggest drawback is the use of very inefficient reference cooling system from Nvidia. The cooler is not just inefficient (which can be a big issue for the pre-overclocked GPU) but is also quite noisy. The absence of memory chip heatsinks is also a questionable solution, because the 1.4ns memory chips work at higher frequency, too. If the cooling inside the system case is arranged correctly, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if there is insufficient airflow, then the user may face some serious overheating problems. Just for your reference: e-GeForce 7900 GT from the prestigious Signature series as well as e-GeForce 7900 GT KO come with a larger cooling system working not only for the GPU but for the memory chips also.

Moreover, although e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked is designed for hardware enthusiasts, its bundle is pretty scarce. There are no games, and even some useful cables are missing 9such as RCA), and the user’s manual is not that detailed.

Nevertheless, if high performance at a low price is something you are looking for (the official price for the EVGA e-GeForce 7900 GT CO SuperClocked is $349) and if you are not planning to do any overclocking, then this solution should definitely become your hardware of choice.


  • High performance in most applications;
  • High performance in OpenGL;
  • Transparent textures anti-aliasing;
  • Hardware H.264 decoding and other HD formats;
  • Low power consumption and heat dissipation;
  • Compact size;
  • Dual-link DVI;
  • Relatively low price.


  • High level of noise;
  • Inefficient cooling system;
  • No memory cooling;
  • Almost no overclocking potential.
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