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Fallout 3: Plot and Gameplay

The developer team from Bethesda was true to their word of keeping the spirit of the original games of the series. Fallout 3 begins according to the canon: the protagonist lives in one of the Vaults, this time it is Vault 101, located in the vicinity of Washington. The fate of this Vault was more or less lucky. Its door shut when necessary and its equipment worked normally and the amount of population matched the predicted figures. The only difference from the reference Vaults was the term of autonomous functioning. Vault 101 resembles Vault 13 in this respect with one difference only: the latter was to open up in 200 years whereas the former, never. Here, the experiment was to show the influence of infinite isolation on the inhabitants, to make sure there was a pure, radiation and FEV unaffected population, and to reveal the role of the Overseer, the person who controlled all the aspects of life in the Vault. Quite a good fate considering the bad luck of some other Vaults.


The character generation process is very original. In fact, the game begins with the first cry of a newborn baby and the question is asked, “Let’s see, are you a boy or a girl?” And the player is prompted to choose the gender and name of the character. Then you can choose his/her appearance using a special machine called Gene Projector.


You can give your fantasy a free run here because the appearance-generating features of Oblivion are all available in Fallout 3. The delivery was fatal for the mother who dies in a few moments. That’s the end of the first step of the character generation process.

The next step shows a 1-year-old hero who’s crawling in a playpen. Here you learn the basics of controlling the character by performing the first task – to leave the playpen that had been closed by the child’s father. You can feel the specific humor of Fallout right away – there is a missile-shaped rattle hanging over the child’s bed.


Take note of the quote (of the number, actually) from Revelation 21:6 in the frame and of the children’s book called You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! that lies near the toy box.



When you open it up, you will be able to set up the basic parameters of your character, which will largely affect your playing style: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

Aged 10, the hero begins to interact with the society. This step takes the form of a birthday party where friendly and unfriendly characters can be encountered. The Vault’s Overseer gives the hero a portable computer Pip-Boy 3000 and says that he now becomes a full citizen with appropriate duties.



Here the player learns to work with the Pip-Boy, which is an important element of the game, to interact with other characters, and to shoot (an air rifle is one of the birthday gifts).


At the age of 16 the hero has to choose his specialization by passing the G.O.A.T. exam and selecting preferred skills.



The character generation process may seem a bit long, but it is actually engaging and humorous and helps you get your bearings in the game world.

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