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F.3.A.R.: Brothers' Love

The years past didn’t do Alma and her family any good. The commercial rights owners decided to re-launch the series in some way and address the telepathic connection of unique individuals through the aspect of … family values.



Two Alma’s offsprings, two brothers – Paxton Fettel and Point Man, one alive and one also alive but without a physical body – had to stop Alma, their mother, who was pregnant again and her new offspring would be theoretically capable of destroying our world. This is a brief description of the part 3 of this legendary gaming sequel. According to the developers, it has even more horror and an even more advanced gaming engine makes the presence in the parallel world controlled by Onry? (vengeance spirit) even more realistic.

In terms of graphics, the game is pretty good. The creators of F.E.A.R.3 world did a great job trying to make every inch of the game scene worthy of a good horror-flick. Ruined hallways, ramshackle rooms, abandoned sewers. The atmosphere of hopelessness and oppressive gloominess is truly genuine.  All you need is a good sound system and darkness of the night. Trust me, racing heart-rate is guaranteed and very soon you will be sweating with fear.



Just like in the previous parts of the F.E.A.R. franchise you have a wide range of tools for killing special-ops guys, crazy citizens, zombie-soldiers and other enemies. For added realism you will be running out of ammo even at the lowest level of difficulty, so a single one to the head will save your precious bullets. The cowboys from Quake Arena will also have hard time coping, because 3-4 shots will be more than enough to kill you. However, this is indeed the appealing feature of F.E.A.R. 3, although definitely not the only one.

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