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F.3.A.R.: Co-Op, Multiplayer and Game Engine

Although F.E.A.R. 3 belongs to the first-person horror-shooters, its major advantage is the multi-player mode. It offers a few options for a pleasant multi-player experience: classical multi-player mode and the already traditional, but quite unusual Co-Op mode.

In Co-Op mode you have to split the gameplay with your partner, nothing out-of-the-ordinary. However, each of the players has his unique own role, which is organized in such a way that the most dedicated Team Fortress fans could even dream about. One of the players becomes Point Man – a typical FPS-character with a rifle and a bunch of grenades. He has to shoot the enemies. The second player becomes the bearer of telekinetic and telepathic energy – Paxton Fettel. He throws in submission, shock-therapy and various mind tricks.


If you get bored with competitive gameplay involving two completely different characters, then you can go with classical multi-user mode with four different scenarios:

  • F**cking Run! – You have to run through the entire map shooting back at the enemies and avoiding the rapidly approaching smoke (read: auto-death).
  • Soul King – Become a ghost that can inhibit soldiers and fight in a new body until it serves the purpose well.
  • Soul Survivor – Only you, map and endless monsters. You objective is to stay alive. Run away, hide, shoot back - everything will do and the entire map is at your disposal.
  • Contractions – typical task of defending the fort from enemies that also allows you to exchange resources for new types of weapons and repair the barricades.


For some unclear reason the developers didn’t respond to our question about the specifications of the engine used in the latest F.E.A.R. 3 game version. However, the official information claims that the game uses enhanced version of the Despair Engine. Day 1 Studios used the same base for their Fracture game three years ago. According to the developers, they have significantly modified the gaming engine and added new libraries, one of which provides support for DirectX 11 API. Among the remarkable features of this relatively aged software we can certainly mention the following:

  • Advanced AI of the enemy;
  • FXAA mode support;
  • SSAO shadows support;
  • Wide use of smoke and alpha-textures (Tramslucent);
  • Shoot-out schematics from behind the barricades.

Well, this isn’t a very long list. Therefore, considering that the software engine is relatively simple, the game shouldn’t be too demanding to the graphics accelerator and the overall gaming system performance.

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