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He finds it hard to gain his consciousness back. The vision of doctors working upon his body under the guidance of Genevieve is interspersed with hallucinations of him being tortured by a group of zombies.


When the hero comes to for real he finds himself in the hospital of an underground complex together with his squad. Quite expectedly, the complex is attacked by Armaham Technology forces and Becket has to fight his way out following radio instructions from a mysterious person called Snake Fist.


The hero will have to fight not only with humans but also with replica soldiers and with Alma who, by the words of the mysterious advisor, is trying to absorb Becket, being attracted to the telepathic signal he has started to radiate after the operation.




When on the surface, Becket sees that most of his people have been killed by Alma. With a group of three he sets out to find Snake Fist and Aristide.



The game makes no mention of the events described in the expansion packs to the original F.E.A.R. released by Vivendi due to the licensing war between the latter and Monolith Production. These add-ons are now considered as not belonging with the game universe.

In terms of gameplay Project Origin is a regular 3D shooter with first-person view but without the option of saving wherever you want. The game saves the player’s progress at certain points, so he can continue to play from the last such point. That’s an unhandy feature, really. Otherwise, we’ve got typical gameplay of a first-person shooter. The hero cannot look from behind a corner, but can take cover by opening a car door or knocking down a table. You can read information about the level of armor, health and mission data through special eyeglasses. They also highlight objects you can interact with. Restoring your health is done by means of medical kits, some of which can be carried on the hero. Hand-to-hand combat is supported: you can hit your enemy with your fist or equipped gun. Close attack is necessary at some moments, for example when the player is assaulted by Alma.

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