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Not so long ago we tested Gigabyte GV-R9200 graphics card and arrived at the conclusion that AGP 8x doesn’t provide any significant advantages for RADEON 9200 (see our article called Gigabyte Maya II R9200 Graphics Card Review: AGP 8x Conquers the Value Market). However, besides AGP 8x, many RADEON 9200 based graphics cards also feature 128MB of onboard graphics memory. Maybe so much memory onboard could help in certain games, but you will still never reach acceptable gaming performance because RADEON 9200 chip is not powerful enough.

This time, we managed to get hold of a RADEON 9200 based graphics card from First International Computer (FIC). This solution features 64MB of graphics memory, so we decided to check how large amounts of onboard graphics memory could affect the accelerator performance in most popular applications. Like all RV280 based graphics solutions, FIC A92 boasts full support of API DirectX 8.1, OpenGL 1.4, and FullStream technology.


FIC Company, just like Gigabyte, is mostly famous for its mainboards. However, this company is also partnering with ATI Technologies in the graphics cards field. FIC A92 solution arrived in the full retail package. We really liked the stylish black-and-blue-and-silver.

This is what we found in the box together with the card:

  • DVI-I-to-D-Sub converter;
  • S-Video-to-RCA converter;
  • S-Video cable;
  • RCA cable;
  • Multi-lingual user manual;
  • CD-disk with the drivers and WinDVD program.

DVI-I-to-D-Sub converter is a little different from the one that goes together with the majority of graphics cards on ATI chips. It is not semi-transparent, but black. The DVI-I connector is hidden under a protective cap.

The user’s manual and the installation CD-disk were very thoroughly packed. They lay on a thick piece of carton and were wrapped into plastic film. After you cut the film you could get the CD-disk and the booklet safe and sound. Besides that there were no other CD-disks with any software or games.

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