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Quadro FX 3700

The newest professional graphics accelerator from Nvidia is Quadro FX 3700. The manufacturer positions it as a high-end solution that can be found in retail for about $1100. However, Nvidia also has the so-called Ultra High-End professional graphics cards, such as Quadro FX 4600 and Quadro FX 5600. We will not discuss these two solutions today, because they are priced much higher than the top competitor’s offerings, so it doesn’t make much sense to compare them. Especially, since you can check out our article called Nvidia Quadro FX 5600 and Nvidia Quadro FX 4600: New Leaders in Professional Graphics devoted solely to high-speed professional solutions from Nvidia.

Since they launched Quadro FX 3700 in very beginning of this year, it is not at all surprising that this graphics card uses the latest G92GL GPU manufactured with the most advanced 65nm process. As you probably know, these Nvidia GPUs are also used in their latest generation gaming solutions from GeForce 9800 family. However, Quadro FX 3700 looks more like GeForce 8800 GT, because it only has 112 shader processors. However, it is not that bad for a professional graphics card. The 500MHz chip and 1250MHz shader domain frequency is a much bigger issue. As a result, this professional card provides about 8GPixel/s fillrate and yields in this aspect not only to the gaming counterparts, but also to the competitor solutions.

As for the memory, Quadro FX 3700 uses 512MB of GDDR3 SDRAM working at 1600MHz. Since the G92GL chip uses a 256-bit bus, the memory bandwidth on this professional solution makes 51GB/s.

You can see that Quadro FX 3700 and GeForce 8800 GT are related from the way these two cards look. In fact, the professional solution uses the same PCB as the gaming card. There is a single-slot cooler covering the entire front side of the PCB that dissipates the heat from the chip and the memory. It is made of copper and aluminum, features a metal casing and a small centrifugal fan creating air circulation beneath it. However, there is nothing original about this cooling system: it was also borrowed from the gaming GeForce 8800 GT, where this cooler proved to be highly efficient and pretty quiet.

The card has a 6-pin connector for additional power supply, which must be used as Quadro FX 3700 consumes up to 78W of power. Besides, there is an SLI connector. I would like to stress that unlike professional AMD solutions, Quadro FX drivers support multi-GPU rendering. Moreover, Nvidia even announced a dual-chip professional graphics accelerator not that long ago, which was based on two G92Gl chips – Quadro FX 4700 X2.

Quadro FX 3700 is compatible with the latest version 2.0 of PCI Express x16 interface and features two Dual-Link DVI connectors for monitors with up to 2560x1600 resolution. Besides, the card has an additional connector for 3D glasses.

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