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Package and Accessories

Once you’ve bought a graphics card, you will hardly scrutinize its packaging ever after. We should acknowledge the job of Foxconn’s designers, though. You can’t pass indifferently by this giant:

ASUS is a recognized trend-setter in package design for graphics cards, but Foxconn has almost overtaken the competitor – this box design is very remarkable indeed. It is painted violet and lilac hues showing an abstract picture with elements from video games and astronomy.

Some product information is printed on the front panel: its support of SLI mode, compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista, and enclosed free accessories amounting to $180.

Foxconn’s marketing men don’t think the customer needs free games or software which often prove to be useless and go into the trash bin along with the box. Instead, Foxconn includes the following bonuses with the card:

  • USB 3D GamePad
  • RestoreIT v7.0 – emergency system recovery tool.
  • VirtualDrivePro v10.0 – utility creating a virtual optical drive.

The graphics card is protected from damage during transportation. It is put into an antistatic bag as well as into a blister wrap and is fixed firmly in its compartment.

The Foxconn FV-N88XMAD2-ON comes with the following accessories:

  • 2 x Molex → 6-pin PCI Express power converter;
  • Two DVI-I → D-Sub converters;
  • Universal YPbPr/Composite splitter;
  • User’s manual;
  • CD disk with drivers;
  • CD disk with VirtualDrive Pro 10 and RestoreIT 7.0;
  • Brand name USB gamepad.

This set of accessories is comparable to the one included with the Foxconn FV-N79GM2D2-HPOC we have reviewed earlier (for details see our article called GeForce 7950 GT: 256MB or 512MB? Foxconn and Gigabyte Graphics Cards Review).

The exclusive Foxconn 3D Game Pad is a good accessory for sure. It is shaped like the famous Sony DualShock, one of the most optimal gamepad designs from the ergonomics standpoint. The gamepad case is made from rubberized plastic for additional convenience. It is agreeable to touch and prevents your fingers from slipping off. Besides the main 8-position joystick, the 3D Game Pad offers 10 buttons and two analog controllers. The latter two can react to a press, too, thus increasing the number of available buttons to 12. The gamepad is connected to the PC via a USB port. It is recognized by the OS as a generic gamepad and does not require special drivers. To configure and calibrate it, you just go into the Game Controllers section of the Control Panel in Windows. Without a doubt, it makes a nice addition to the graphics card.

We guess it would be appropriate to have some popular third-person shooter or a fighting game included into the package together with the gamepad, but Foxconn decided different. The software bundle consists of programs for creating and managing CD/DVD images (VirtualDrive Pro) and for system recovery (RestoreIT). This approach is somewhat more pragmatic but justifiable. You may want to have software that allows creating a virtual optical drive in your system. Gamers also need to restore their systems more often than other users. So, these two programs are indeed helpful and they cost $39.99 each separately. Yet we are dealing with a gaming graphics card – with the most advanced such card available today – and one or two games would indeed be appropriate.

The included manual is quite a normal thing. We don’t have any complaints about it. It can help an inexperienced user to install the new graphics card into the system.

The package and accessories of the Foxconn FV-N88XMAD2-ON are appealing due to the free-of-charge items, particularly a 3D Game Pad. We would be pleased even more if the box contained at least one game. On the other hand, this would raise the retail price of the card and make it less attractive for those people who wouldn’t need the particular games.

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