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Package and Accessories

The Bliss 8800 GT 512MB GS GLH comes in the same box as the Bliss 8800 GTS 320MB GS we described in an earlier review. The box is rather small and doesn’t need a handle. It is designed in mild colors that don’t annoy the eye, but do not attract it, either.

Judging by the model name indicated by means of a sticker, Gainward uses the same box design for the entire Bliss 8800 series. The Golden Sample sticker is a different color than before and spells out the GLH abbreviation in the product name: Goes Like Hell. We’ll check out this claim in our tests, of course.

The box contains the following accessories, besides the graphics card:

  • 2 x Molex→6-pin PCI Express power adapters;
  • DVI-I→D-Sub adapter;
  • DVI-I→D-HDMI adapter;
  • S-Video→S/PDIF adapter;
  • Universal YPbPr splitter;
  • Brief installation manual;
  • CD disk with drivers and full user’s manual;
  • CD disk with CyberLink PowerDVD 6;
  • DVD disk with Tomb Raider: Anniversary game.

The accessories are appropriate for such a special product. A copy of Tomb Raider: Anniversary is going to be a nice gift for the buyer. This game can demonstrate the capabilities of the graphics card well enough. Unfortunately, Gainward includes CyberLink PowerDVD 6, a rather old version that cannot play movies on Blu-ray and HD DVD media and cannot employ the features of video decoders and post-processors available on the last generations of graphics cards.

The card’s most exciting feature is the ability to output audio over the HDMI interface. The current generation of Nvidia’s GPUs not containing an integrated audio core, this is implemented by means of an external SPDIF adapter attached to the appropriate output of the audio card. This elegant and cheap solution helps avoid a clutter of cables around your home entertainment center. The only obstacle to using this feature may be the lack of a coaxial SPDIF connector because some mainboards and audio cards are equipped with an optical TOSLINK socket instead. We can’t yet test this implementation of the audio-over-HDMI feature, unfortunately.

So, the Gainward card deserves our praises for its accessories, which are free from drawbacks except for the outdated version of the video player. The exterior design of the box is not such an important thing, but it might be more attractive in the potential buyer’s eyes. Perhaps Gainward should think about variegating the box design because they use the same picture for the whole Bliss 8x00 series. We guess that special products from the Golden Sample and Goes Like Hell series need to be remarkable in every aspect, including the package design.

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