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The tests we’ve conducted prove the worth of modifying the graphics card’s firmware in order to increase the frequency of some subunits of the G73 chip and to have an appropriate performance growth. The modification process is simple and requires a minimum of effort on the user’s part, so we do recommend it to you.

As for the graphics card I’ve discussed in this review, the Gainward Bliss 7600 GS 256MB Golden Sample doesn’t need much commenting upon. Notwithstanding its seemingly poor memory, this graphics card is actually nothing else but a GeForce 7600 GT with a reduced core voltage, an increased memory voltage and some stickers that try to convince us that it’s a GeForce 7600 GS. I am very pleased with Palit’s product unification: the junior solutions called Sonic (Palit and XpertVision brands) or Golden Sample (Gainward) are almost 100% copies of the senior models and can be overclocked to extremely high frequencies.

I have personally come to the conclusion lately that you should seek for best mainboards among DFI’s LanParty series and for best graphics cards among Palit/Gainward’s Sonic/Golden Sample series (no offence meant to people who stick to products from famous brands). In 2006 Palit has released several superb graphics cards with non-reference PCBs in a row (7900 GT, 7600 GT, 7600 GS and 7300 GT) which offer excellent characteristics at a reasonable price.

Having thoroughly tested the graphics card, I can give the following summary:


  • Default frequencies above the recommended frequencies for the GeForce 7600 GS
  • Fast GDDR3 memory in advanced packaging
  • PCB from a senior graphics card model (GeForce 7600 GT)
  • Excellent overclockability
  • Handy fastening of the card’s native cooler
  • Rather quiet blower
  • Memory heatsinks
  • Affordable price


  • The reverse side of the PCB opposite to the graphics processor becomes a heat bag if you use the card’s standard cooler

The memory voltage is set above the normal value at the factory, but this has both positive and negative effects. On one hand, the thermal conditions for the memory chips are worsened, but on the other hand, the user can overclock the card to the frequencies of the GeForce 7600 GT or whereabouts without any modifications.

So, if you are interested in overclocking and are going to upgrade your graphics card with a GeForce 7600 GT, take a look at the Gainward Bliss 7600 GS 256MB Golden Sample. Sometimes you can get the same or better thing for less money but under a different name!

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