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Closer Look at Gainward GTS250 2048MB Limited Edition

Package and Accessories

Our today’s hero ships in a pretty large box made of thick cardboard. It is has very attractive design with dominating blue colours:

The verdict about aesthetics of the package design is always subjective and is solely the matter of your personal preference and taste, but we believe that a spread angel looks much more attractive than robo-frogs on Palit’s boxes. However, in our opinion the font used for “GTS 250” doesn’t go well with the other elements of the package design. The box doesn’t bear too much information on it. When you see this box on a store shelf, you will only notice the card model name and amount of onboard video memory, while the memory type is indicated wrong: of course, the board is equipped with GDDR3 memory chips, not DDR3.

The accessories bundled with Gainward GTS250 2048MB Limited Edition solution are not very numerous and include the following items:

  • HDMI → DVI-D adapter;
  • 2x4-pin Molex → 1x6-pin PCIe adapter;
  • S/PDIF cable;
  • Brief user manual;
  • CD disk with drivers.

Palit GeForce GTS 250 1GB we reviewed before was bundled with exactly the same accessories. This modest kit is quite justified by the price category where GeForce GTS 250 based solutions actually belong, even though Gainward GTS250 2048MB Limited Edition we are discussing today tends to be perceived as an elite product due to 2GB of local video memory onboard. Nevertheless, the bundle includes everything you might need for proper use of the card, including situations when it needs to be connected to consumer electronics devices and sound reproduction over HDMI. Having only one power adapter is no problem, because even inexpensive contemporary power supply units come equipped with at least one 6-pin graphics card power connector.

Overall, package and accessories of the Gainward GTS250 2048MB Limited Edition solution earn a good mark from us: the package looks very nice and attractive and doesn’t annoy the eye, while accessories are quite adequate for the price range this product belongs to. Of course, modest accessories bundle is no advantage, we would definitely only welcome any additional bonuses the manufacturer could offer us; however, it is also no serious drawback as long as everything necessary is there and the user won’t need to buy any additional adapters or cables. As for the things we could actually point out as issues, it is only a pretty common mistake with the wrong memory type indicated on the box: DDR3 instead of the actually used GDDR3.

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