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Left 4 Dead

Since it is the first time we are using this new game for testing purposes, let me show the detailed settings we used:

The screen resolution, anisotropic filtering and FSAA were changed depending on the test mode. Since the gaming engine is not too heavy for contemporary graphics accelerators, we used MSAA 8x instead of the frequently used FSAA 4x.

We performed the test in the first Scene “The Seven” of the “No Mercy” level with a lot of fast dying zombies, explosions and other effects:

Let’s check out the results:

As you remember, there is no mention of the performance increase in Left 4 Dead game in the release notes to the drivers. Moreover, the game was not even in the market yet when driver versions up to 178.24 were released. Nevertheless, the performance improvement is quite noticeable and increases in a step by step manner from 177.xx drivers series to 178.xx and then to 180.xx. The image quality didn’t change not only when observed in dynamics, but also during careful study of the screenshots.

Lost Planet: Colonies

I tested this game after the other games and could use the resolution of 1280x960 for all the driver versions. Here are the results:

Well, the performance grows up with every newer driver in both test scenes, but the growth doesn’t amount to the promised 80% with the 180.48 driver.

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