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PCB Design

The only visible difference of the new card from the reference GeForce 260 is in the sticker on the cooler’s plastic casing that shows the same dragon as on the box.

The dual-slot cooler envelops the card from three sides:

The card measures the standard 270 x 100 x 32 millimeters. It is equipped with a PCI Express x16 2.0 interface, two dual-link DVI-I ports and an S-Video output. The latter three reside on the card’s mounting bracket which has slits for exhausting the hot air from the components.

At the top part of the PCB there are two 6-pin power connectors, a connector for S/PDIF audio, and two MIO connectors for building SLI and 3-way SLI subsystems out of two or three identical cards based on Nvidia’s GPUs.


To remind you, the GeForce GTX 260 (192SP) has a specified peak power draw of 182 watts. A 500W power supply is recommended for a computer with one such card. For SLI configurations a 600W and higher power supply should be used. The GTX 260 with 216 stream processors has the same requirements because its power draw is not much higher.

Here is the card with its cooler removed:

And here is its power section:

The GPU is marked as G200-103-A2. It was manufactured in Taiwan on the 27th week of 2008.

So, the chip is revision two (A2). It has 216 unified shader processors, 72 texture modules, and 28 raster back-ends. The GPU frequencies are increased from the GeForce GTX 260’s default 575/1242MHz to 648/1404MHz. This 12.7%/13.1% addition is quite nice even though not record-breaking as pre-overclocked cards go. The GPU voltage is 1.06V. The GPU frequencies are dropped to 300/600MHz in 2D mode to save power and reduce heat dissipation.

The card is equipped with 896 megabytes of GDDR3 memory in 14 chips placed on both sides of the PCB. The memory bus is 448 bits wide. Like every other GeForce GTX 260 I have ever seen, the Zotac card has 1.0ns chips manufactured by Hynix.

The H5RS5223CFR NOC chips have a rated frequency of 2000MHz. The memory frequency of the reference GeForce GTX 260 is 1998MHz but the Zotac card has a memory frequency of 2106MHz, i.e. 5.4% higher. That’s not much of an addition because there are a lot of off-the-shelf versions of GeForce GTX 260 with higher memory frequencies.

Thus, the new card has the following specs:

The table provides even more details:

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