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Packaging and Accessories

The packaging of this card is designed like the box of the ENGTX460 TOP we reviewed recently.

This box is quite informative. You can learn that the card is pre-overclocked to a GPU frequency of 925 MHz. You can then infer that the shader domain frequency, which is twice the main frequency in the GeForce GTS 450, is 1850 MHz. Thus, we’ve got a very fast GF106-based solution here. You can also learn the type and amount of graphics memory from the text on the box. The card supports AIWI technology which means that you can use an iPhone as a Bluetooth controller. This is not a unique feature, though. You can use Android-based smartphones and tablets as a wireless keyboard or joystick just as well. The specific graphics card model has nothing to do with that.

Like with the ENGTX460 TOP, there is some marketing info on the back of the box like “20% cooler, 35% quieter, 50% faster” without any mention of the test conditions.

The packaging is not as gorgeous inside as with top-end cards from ASUS. The graphics card is wrapped into an antistatic pack and lies in an ordinary white cardboard box together with its few accessories.

  • 2x4-pin PATA → 1x6-pin PCIe adapter;
  • SpeedSetup brief user guide;
  • CD disk with drivers and utilities.

The card is equipped with all modern interfaces, except for DisplayPort. The only adapter you may need is a power adapter for old PSUs that don’t have a 6-pin connector, and you can find it included into the box. There are no special bonuses among the accessories, but that’s normal for the price category the GeForce GTS 450 belongs to.

We don’t have any complaints about the packaging and accessories of the ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU TOP. Now let’s take a closer look at the card to find if it has any special features.

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