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Packaging and Accessories

The GeForce GTX 590 and the Radeon HD 6990 are the only products that stand higher than the GeForce GTX 580 in the graphics card hierarchy. Therefore ASUS has tried to present its custom-made version of the latter card with as much pomp as possible. The large box doesn’t look very extravagant, though:

The green color denotes an Nvidia-based product. ASUS uses the same design but with a red background for graphics cards with AMD processors. There is a huge caption on the box reading: “DirectCU II – 20% Cooler”. As opposed to what we usually read on graphics card packages, this marketing claim is well-grounded because the card indeed features an extraordinary cooling system. The information about factory overclocking may be useful, too. Graphics card makers do not usually specify the exact clock rates of their products right on the box.

Inside the wrapper there is a black cardboard box with gold embossing. This type of packaging looks gorgeous but isn’t informative. The graphics card lies in a foam-rubber tray. There are boxes with accessories nearby:

  • DVI-I → D-Sub adapter;
  • 2x6-pin PCIe → 1x8-pin PCIe adapter;
  • Flexible SLI bridge;
  • Brief SpeedSetupuser manual;
  • CD disk with drivers and documents.

Oddly enough, this is all we could find in the box with our ASUS ENGTX580 DirectCU II despite the price category this card belongs to. This is a bare minimum of accessories which doesn’t seem to match the exclusiveness of the product. Although you can use the card out of the box, you shouldn’t expect any nice extras like a free game or a cute CD case that used to be included with older ASUS products.

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