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Performance in First-Person 3D Shooters

Aliens vs. Predator

The new card from Nvidia has a good start, being practically as good as the Radeon HD 5970 in this game. At the resolution of 1920x1080 the GeForce GTX 580 is somewhat slower than AMD’s dual-processor solution but offers the same level of comfort. As for 2560x1600, neither of them can maintain a playable bottom speed, but the GeForce GTX 580 has higher results.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

It is hard to compete with the two combined Cypress cores even though AMD released its dual-processor flagship as far back as September of 2009! However, the Radeon HD 5970 is no cheaper than $600 in retail, so the GeForce GTX 580 just don’t have real opponents in its market niche and delivers excellent performance in Bad Company 2 across all the resolutions. Interestingly, the new card has no advantage over the GeForce GTX 480 in the Full-HD mode. This may be due to some inherent inaccuracies of our manual measurement method (with Fraps).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The new card has no rivals in Modern Warfare 2 and is very close to the Radeon HD 5970 at resolutions up to Full HD. Falling behind the leader more at 2560x1600, the GeForce GTX 580 is still not slower than 60 fps, making the more expensive, hotter and noisier Radeon HD 5970 a less appealing choice. Well, this game runs fast enough even on the Radeon HD 6870.

Crysis Warhead

Although not a new game, Crysis Warhead is still too heavy an application for a single graphics card to allow playing it comfortably at 2560x1600 with the highest graphics quality settings. The new GeForce GTX 580 has progressed towards that goal, though. It is also preferable to the Radeon HD 5970 at the lower resolutions due to its higher bottom speed. And we should also keep it in mind that the Nvidia card is cheaper and quieter than AMD's flagship.

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