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MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Twin Frozr III 2GB (N650Ti TF 2GD5/OC BE)

MSI seems to have changed the design of its graphics card packaging, so the new MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Twin Frozr III is shipped in red-and-black box with a dragon on the front and a description of the product’s features on the back.


We guess the company’s gaming series cards will now all be packaged in such eye-catching boxes.

Besides the graphics card, the box contains a power adapter, a DVI->D-Sub adapter, a disc with drivers and utilities, and a brief guide on installing the card and its drivers.

The MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Twin Frozr III costs $180 and its warranty period is 3 years. Like the other products in this review, it is manufactured in China.

The exclusive Twin Frozr III cooler makes it easily recognizable:

The card measures 235x125x36 mm, being a rather compact specimen of GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost. Its video interfaces are perfectly standard except that the DVI connectors are blue.

The MIO and power connectors are standard as well:


The PCB uses the reference design and the same voltage regulator controller, ON Semiconductor NCP5395G:

However, we can note an additional row of aluminum-core capacitors as well as Dark Solid caps which have a service life of over 10 years according to MSI. The empty area at the end of the PCB suggests that the latter has been borrowed from some more advanced graphics card model.

The GPU was manufactured on the 7th week of 2013. It is clocked at 1033/1098 MHz, like on the Gigabyte card.


And like on the Gigabyte again, the memory chips are manufactured by Hynix and work at 6008 MHz.

The Twin Frozr III is MSI’s pride and joy. And we are glad that such an efficient and expensive (judging by its quality) cooler can be had with a midrange graphics card.

The Twin Frozr III heatsink has three heat pipes. The two outermost ones are 6 mm in diameter and the central one is 8 mm.


The pipes are soldered to the heatsink’s base and fins. The whole arrangement is cooled by two 74mm impellers whose exclusive Propeller Blade technology strengthens the air flow by 20%. The technology boils down to making the ends of the impeller blades slanted but MSI thinks that’s enough for the 20% performance boost.

Well, the Twin Frozr III is indeed excellent at its job. When the fans were PWM-regulated and reached a speed of only 1590 RPM, the peak GPU temperature was only 62°C. 

Auto fan mode

Maximum fan speed

By increasing the speed to the maximum 4170 RPM, you can lower the GPU temperature by 10°C more. Although not as impressive as the HerculeZ 2000, the Twin Frozr III is a really good cooler, comparable to Gigabyte’s in its efficiency.

In our overclocking tests we increased the clock rates of our MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Twin Frozr III by 75 and 960 MHz for the GPU and memory, respectively.

Thus, the overclocked card worked at 1108/1173/6968 MHz.

The MSI Twin Frozr III coped with the overclocked card easily, keeping the GPU temperature within 65°C at a fan speed of 1710 RPM.

It’s a very reassuring result. We will compare all of the cards in terms of temperature and noise below.

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