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It is in Nexuiz that the SLI configurations built out of GeForce GTX 660 Ti cards show their maximum scalability in our today’s test session. The 2-way setup is almost 100% faster than the single card whereas the 3-way SLI is 50 to 98% ahead of the 2-way SLI. If it were not for the low bottom speed, the multi-GPU technology from Nvidia would be just perfect in this game.

DiRT Showdown

DiRT Showdown has always worked well with SLI and CrossFireX. Here, the two GeForce GTX 660 Ti cards are 84-86% ahead of the single one while the 3-way SLI is 35-41% faster than the tandem. This can hardly justify the price of the third card, though. But we can note that the bottom speed increases in a linear manner here.

Sniper Elite V2 Benchmark

While the scalability of the SLI configurations in Sniper Elite V2 is okay in terms of average frame rate, the bottom speed is too low.

Sleeping Dogs

The 2-way SLI is 65 to 90% ahead of the single card in Sleeping Dogs. The 3-way SLI adds up to 47% more, being not much faster than the dual-processor GeForce GTX 690 card.

F1 2012

The recently released F1 2012 shows odd results. SLI technology only works with MSAA turned on. Otherwise the speed of the multi-GPU configurations plummets to an extremely low level. Of course, the single GeForce GTX 680 looks preferable in this case. This problem will hopefully be corrected with driver updates or game patches.

Borderlands 2

MSAA didn’t work in Borderlands as of the time of our writing this, so the results were obtained without MSAA but with FXAA:


The 2-way GeForce GTX 660 Ti configuration is worth the trouble of building it as it adds 62 to 79% to the performance of the single such card. The 3-way SLI doesn’t look justifiable, though. It is inferior to the single GeForce GTX 690.

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