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Design and Features

The Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream looks attractive and completely different from the reference GeForce GTX 680. Its entire face side is covered by the plastic casing of the cooling system with three pretty fans.

The casing is painted in such a way that it seems to be made of three separate parts, although it’s actually monolithic. The manufacturer and product names can be seen on the edge of the casing. The Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream measures 275x109x52 millimeters, which is slightly larger than the reference GeForce GTX 680.

Like the reference sample, the Palit version has two dual-link DVI ports, one HDMI 1.4a, and one DisplayPort version 1.2:

There’s a vent grid in the card’s mounting bracket to exhaust the hot air out of the system case. Some of the air will remain inside, however, being exhausted at the opposite side of the card.

Instead of two 6-pin power connectors of the reference GeForce GTX 680, the Palit version is equipped with one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector which are indicative of a more advanced power system.


The card has two MIO connectors for SLI configurations. The Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream has a custom PCB:

Instead of the reference 4+2 power system, it employs a 6+2 system with DrMOS transistors.

Considering the reinforced power system and increased power draw (up to 215 watts), Palit promises 10% higher overclocking potential and better stability for this graphics card.

Manufactured in Taiwan on 28nm tech process, the GPU is revision A2 and dated the sixth week of 2012 (early February).

The GPU has the standard GK104 Kepler configuration but its base frequency in 3D mode is pre-overclocked from 1006 to 1085 MHz while the boost frequency is as high as 1150 MHz (1163 MHz according to our monitoring tools). The GPU voltage isn’t higher than that of the reference GeForce GTX 680 at 1.175 volts. The frequency and voltage of the GPU are lowered to 324 MHz and 0.987 volts, respectively, in 2D mode.

The Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream employs the same memory chips as the reference card: H5GQ2H24MFR R0C from Hynix Semiconductor.

The memory is pre-overclocked from 6008 to 6300 MHz (by 5%) in 3D mode. This is not much of overclocking, especially as memory clock rate doesn’t influence the performance of a GeForce GTX 680 much. The memory bus being 256 bits wide, the bandwidth is as high as 201.6 GB/s. The memory clock rate is dropped to 648 MHz in 2D mode.

Here is a summary of the Palit GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream specs:

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