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Aliens vs. Predator (2010)

The overall picture is like in the previous test:

One top-end graphics card wouldn’t be enough if you’ve got as many as three HD monitors. Take note of the high efficiency of the CrossFireX tandem built out of two Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition cards. At the highest settings it is almost as fast as the two GTX 690s.

Lost Planet 2

The overclocked GeForce GTX 680 is ahead of the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition at 2560x1440 but the latter overtakes it when we switch to the multi-monitor configuration, even though the Lost Planet 2 engine is optimized for Nvidia's architecture. There's nothing we can add about the SLI and CrossFireX tandems except that the GTX 690s seem to be limited by the platform's performance at 2560x1440 pixels.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

If you thought Civilization V a light application, you may want to reconsider after seeing the results of the single top-end graphics cards at the resolution of 3240x1920 pixels: 23 fps with the GTX 690 and 38 fps with the HD 7970 GHz Edition. So, that's where the SLI and CrossFireX tandems are going to come in handy. And we should also note that AMD routs its opponent here.

Total War: Shogun 2

The same goes for this test:

Nvidia is more or less competitive at the classic resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, but AMD’s solutions are unrivalled with our multi-monitor configuration at 3240x1920. Total War: Shogun 2 obviously needs more memory than 2 gigabytes installed on board the GTX 680 and 690 (per each GPU). Coupled with the 256-bit bus, the memory bandwidth slows the fast Kepler GPU down. Alas, this is not the only game in this test session where Nvidia's solutions behave like that.

Crysis 2

Like Metro 2033: The Last Refuge, this game may occasionally slow down very much, but the standings are overall the same as in most other tests. You need at least a single GeForce GTX 690 for the triple-monitor configuration or, better yet, two Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition cards which have a much higher bottom frame rate.

Hard Reset Demo

Hard Reset runs fast enough for comfortable play on any of the tested graphics cards at 3240x1920 if you don’t enable antialiasing. But if you do, the single-processor GeForce GTX 680 and Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition won't be enough anymore, making you choose a multi-GPU tandem instead. The two Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition cards are ahead of the single GeForce GTX 690 here.

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