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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition 2GB (ZT-70402-10P)

Zotac offers two GeForce GTX 760 models: a copy of the reference card and the AMP! Edition model that we’re going to test today. Its packaging follows Zotac’s traditional style:


There’s not much information on the sides of the box, yet you can learn there any basic facts you want to know. The graphics card is in the middle of the box on a polyethylene-foam tray. The following accessories can be found in the bottom compartment:

There are two power adapters among the accessories although you usually get only one with most graphics cards.

The Zotac GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition is manufactured in China and costs $320. The price covers the extended 5-year warranty as well.

The card is easily recognizable as a Zotac product. Its face side is covered by the cooler which has a metal casing and two orange fans.

The reverse side of the PCB is exposed and we can see three heat pipes at the top. The card is the smallest in this review at 199x99x40 mm.

The GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition has a standard set of video outputs, but the DVI connectors differ in color. There are additional vents in its mounting bracket:

The power and SLI connectors are perfectly standard:


The PCB is a copy of the reference one.

Surprisingly, the AMP! Edition card, which is actually the fastest GeForce GTX 760 available, uses the PCB design suggested by Nvidia. Even the power system controller is the same ON Semiconductor NCP5392P:

The GPU was manufactured on the 49th week of 2012 (in early December). It is revision A2, just like the others.

The Zotac has the fastest GPU: 1111 MHz in 3D mode (boostable to 1176 MHz). The ASIC quality of the chip is 74.4%.

The Zotac comes with the same memory chips from Hynix as we’ve seen on the MSI and Palit cards:

Their clock rate is increased by 3.5% in 3D mode to 6208 MHz. In 2D mode the clock rate is reduced to 648 MHz. The peak memory bandwidth over the 256-bit bus is 198.7 GB/s.

The Zotac GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition is equipped with the Dual Silencer cooler which is accompanied by a small aluminum heatsink on the power system components.

Three 6mm heat pipes are soldered to the copper base and pierce the slim aluminum fins of the heatsink. The pipes are flattened in the base. An aluminum plate with cooler’s fasteners is soldered to them from above.

The cooler has two 80mm fans with curved blades:

These are PWM-regulated FD8015U12S fans from FirstD.

According to our monitoring tools, the speed of the fans varies from 1300 to 3600 RPM. Compared to the two coolers discussed above, the Dual Silencer is far from efficient. In the automatic regulation mode the fans worked at 2880 RPM, but the GPU grew as hot as 88°C anyway.

Automatic fan mode

Maximum fan speed

This is 10°C worse in comparison with the Palit and 15°C worse in comparison with the MSI. At the maximum speed of the fans (3600 RPM) the GPU was 80°C hot but the cooler was very noisy.

Notwithstanding the high default frequency, the GPU of the Zotac GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition could be overclocked by an additional 100 MHz. We also overclocked the graphics memory by 800 MHz.

So the resulting clock rates were 1211/1276/7008 MHz.

The overclocked Zotac was very hot and noisy. The GPU temperature grew to 90°C while the fans rotated at 3180 RPM.

We guess Zotac’s engineers should think about improving the cooler as well as the PCB. We are not at all sure the card can last for long at such high temperatures. And of course, there’s no talking about acoustic comfort.

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