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Noise & Temperature Summary on Six GeForce GTX 780s

Counting this review in, we’ve tested as many as six GeForce GTX 780 variants. Since we test their temperature and noise level under the same conditions, we can compare them in the following charts and table.

The diagram below shows the noise level in the automatic fan regulation mode and at the maximum speed of the fans together with max GPU temperature data (the graphics cards are sorted in the order of ascending GPU temperatures in each diagram):

When it comes to temperature, we have five GeForce GTX 780s and one Inno3D which plays in a league of its own. The Inno3D’s cooler is far superior to any other in every fan regulation mode. The other five coolers are comparable to each other in performance. The MSI and the Inno3D are better than the others in terms of noise in the automatic fan regulation mode.

The following table shows the default and overclocked frequencies of the tested cards. The best results are marked in red. The worst results are blue.

The Inno3D has the highest default clock rates whereas the Gigabyte, the lowest. However, as our benchmarks will show you, this difference only means a gap of 1 or 2% in performance. The highest base frequency in overclocked mode was reached by the Inno3D, too. However, the MSI and EVGA had the highest peak GPU frequency according to our monitoring tools. The Palit notched the highest memory frequency.

The next diagram shows the GPU temperature and noise level of the overclocked GeForce GTX 780s in the automatic fan regulation mode (the cards are again sorted in the order of ascending GPU temperature):

The Inno3D is in the lead again, but now in terms of noise level. It is just a perfect card for overclocking and comfortable gaming. Next goes the reference Nvidia at 75% fan speed, which is followed by the Gigabyte. The cards from Palit, MSI and EVGA take last places with similar results. The MSI is the quietest in this trio, so the choice is obvious, considering the same temperature.

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